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The clothing design is officially registered as an industrial design designated for protective wear within the boundaries of EU and Bulgaria.
We are offering fabrics for medical usage, and in alignment with the necessary processing methods. When talking about uniforms and clothing of medical, dental and cosmetic professionals who tend to interact face-to-face with a patient/client, there are a couple of vital criteria. Firstly, and above all, is the protection of the specific operator in question (the doctor, dentist, physician, beautician, masseur, even the assistant, etc.). Such protection is guaranteed by a tight and full coverage of the body with an aerosol-proof and anti-leakage fabric. Secondly, it comes to the comfort of the outfit and its ability to let the body breathe within the suit. Lastly, a cross-infection prevention should take place - this means that staff's clothing, and everything in contact with the patient, is to be treated with disinfectants. DMW Dental and Medical Wear ensures that these two conditions are met, especially with the cuts and the hydrophobicity of the fabrics (processing in which a drop on the surface remains on top without absorbing).


Currently, our in-store assortment of uniforms offers both: men's and women's cuts, as a set of tunic and pants. The model is made in standard sizes and a variety of colors. A logo of the respective practice can be added, when ordering over a certain number of pieces. Kindly note that the logo must be in a vector format.


  • Take a sewing meter and measure the exact centimeters tightly on the body, corresponding to the chest, waist, hips, etc.
  • Find the obtained data from the table respectively for a male/female model and determine your SIZE!
  • If the obtained data for the chest & waist or waist & hips falls into two different SIZES, we recommend that you choose the bigger one!
  • The leading size for the men's shirt is the DOOR CIRCUIT.

Table with anatomical data for women


Table with anatomical data for MEN






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